Como liberar espacio en disco mac

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Thanks to this guide it was quite easy to replace the awful slow harddrive with a fast ssd. I think I got a new computer. Thank you very much for this guide. After I got a quality TR6 it only took approximately 20 minutes to teardown and an additional 10 to put back together. Swapped in gb Samsung SSD, which now takes 19sec from button push to login screen. I ran into a few issues, that others have mentioned, but nothing I couldn't figure out.

The only thing I needed that wasn't in the he MMK took kit, was a good pair of tweezers. Thanks for the guide - the key is to follow the instructions to the word, read all the comments and take your time. It's difficult to know how much force to use especially when detaching the IR and DC connector.

Is it possible with the ifixit dual drive kit? I would also like to know what tools to by. I have the 1Tb normal drive and i would also like to add a 2ssd. Hardest part - getting the AC connector back in, and then reseating the logic board - the instructions don't mention to push in the tabs on the sides as it goes back in. Booted right up - super fast - thanks for the help!

I bought the T6 driver, the special logic board tool and several spudgers. They were all VERY helpful. The initial screws in the bottom of the Mac Mini are TR6 screws, which have the security post, so a Torx 6 security is a must. The other T6 and T9 screws are non-security, however, security versions will work fine. Awesome guide. It looked daunting but I did it with my 9yo son and it was actually really easy. There were a couple of steps where you needed small fingers for sure.

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And it absolutely flies compared to the stock drive. I ended up ordering the parts from Amazon because iFixIt was out of the T9. Wish I could contribute some money to iFixit or Sam, because this was an incredibly valuable guide. Pro tip: I used one of those pill boxes with compartments for every day of the week, to store the screws from each step. That way I'd make sure to use the correct screws when reassembling.

Hello, I just follow this guide and on my Mac Mini there was no SSD to remove so it was easier but I have to tell people who are missing some tools that there are few ways to overcome it.

Cómo liberar espacio de almacenamiento en tu Mac

For the whole tutorial I just used my iFixIt 54 Bit driver. It's really handy and I never stumbled upon a screw I couldn't screw while having it! Also, to remove the connectors just use a flat screwdriver and be gentle, it usually works great. Finally, to remove the motherboard, I started by using iron wire but I bent kappa so instead I went with ye ol' thumb switcharoo which consist simple of pushing with both thumbs on the black ventilation thing. Just push gently and don't push sideways or it will destroy the ventilation. Also, don't forget to remove the black sticker on the SATA connector!

Fantastic guide! Thanks to the author and those who also contributed on the comments. What seemed like a daunting task was made much easier because of you. Just did my Mac Mini. Everything went without a hitch except the putting in the last screw to hold the antenna connector back down broke. Put a dab of silicon on it. Nice procedure. I did screw up bad though and managed to rip off the fan connector from the mobo because I did not take the time to read the part about lifting the connector out of the socket.

La alternativa a CCleaner para limpiar el disco duro y acelerar tu PC

I thought it slid out, not up. I didn't have the mobo removal tool, so I fabricated one out of a metal coat hanger, and it worked perfectly. In the end, my mobo was dead anyway due to a corrupt EFI, so even though I damaged the fan connector, I didn't lose anything. I learned a good lesson and I will know what pitfalls to avoid next time.

Tools I used: ifixit bit driver kit, spudger, tweezers, coat hanger and diagonal cutters to cut the coat hanger. Where can I get the sata flex cable for the mini? I have a PCI flash drive installed and an empty bay for a second hard drive, so I need the flex cable.

Cómo eliminar archivos temporales de tu computadora y tu teléfono

Do the ones from the minis work? Just followed this procedure through and have to say it helped enormously. I hadn't got the motherboard extraction tool so made one out of a wire coat hanger bent to shape, the diameter of the wire was spot on. Worked a treat, however it does require quite a bit of force which is un-nerving, but once you have created a gap between the back panel Black Bit and the casing you can get your thumb and or finger nails in there and pull it out the rest of the way.

Thanks for the Teardown guys.

Nearly flawless instructions. Everything went off without a hitch, the computer is fast, and everything including front light works great. Two quick things: 1. Remove that and replace it on the new drive. The antenna cable is difficult to get back on. Put the screw back in first and line it up.

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Be gentle. Working with this fusion drive is quite odd. Hard drive needs to be formatted first. I bought a usb 3—to—SATA 2. My hard drive failed on my Mac Mini Model A I want to replace it with a simple gb drive and then sell it. Or something else? Must say that it pretty tough job given that how much i dislike the tiny-winy things inside it. Seeing the same issue as some others, power light not showing on even though everything else works.

Anyone found the cause and associated fix for this? Seeing the same issue as some others here, no power light. Everything else works just no light. Hi, I had the same problem for the power light. The culprit was the IR sensor cable at step 17, that gives power also the light. When I reinsert it the very last pin on the left side see photo at step 17 was not fully fitted. I fit it completely and the power light turned back. Hope it helps!

Cómo eliminar archivos temporales y prefetch de la computadora

Sorry for my english! I did this!!! My only bodge was to use a bit of welding rod bent to shape as the logic board lever tool. These tear down notes were awesome. Great instructions.

Cómo eliminar el espacio purgable en macOS Sierra

I however am not able to set the partition scheme to GUID. Upset at myself. This one little step, if missed, can create a bit of frustration. The Samsung EVO is working great, formatted. It has transformed the mac mini into a whole new experience. These instructions were great! I took my time and made sure I followed each step exactly and it went very smoothly.

The iFixit tools made the job really easy. Took me 50 minutes. Now my Mac mini is flying. Is that the case or is the cable already there?

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I did not have to replace anything. The Samsung EVO swapped out seamlessly with the existing hard drive, with no additional cables necessary. Another great guide! Worked great. Just needed to partition the drive. Everything went well. The hardest part was reconnect DC in cable with pudgy fingers.

Installed 2TB Firecuda drive no problems. Upgraded my model with a Sandisk SSD and it went flawless, thank you for the info and tools!!!