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Take that, thumbdrives. We like that the app is ad- and crap-free, is completely open source, and can automatically quit or shut down your PC when your download is done. Backblaze is our new top pick for backup services, since it costs half the price of Crashplan previously great and does all the same things. A good alternative is Keka , which is also free, also opens a bunch of different archive formats, and can even be faster than The Unarchiver depending on the archive format and size.

If you have issues with one app, try the other, and you might find that it does a better job extracting your files. This story originally ran in July , written by Alan Henry. It was updated in July by David Murphy. The A. Filed to: Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.

Click here to view original GIF. Share This Story. Recommended Stories. The Essential iOS Apps for The Essential Windows Apps for This Is the Lifehacker Pack: Deadspin Adequate Man. Jezebel The Slot. The Root The Grapevine. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. Parallels Toolbox: The ultimate software utility for Windows 10 and macOS. If you're looking for a suite of utilities that will both boost your productivity and improve the performance of your PC or Mac, then Parallels Toolbox is or you. And there are a variety Best software utilities for your Mac.

Introduction There's little doubt that macOS is a fully-featured platform that come with a lot of built-in features to help you get your work done. April 13, -- Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

Best software utilities for your Mac | ZDNet

Parallels Access After trying many different solutions, Parallels Access is my favorite method for accessing my systems remotely. Parallels Caption by: SnagIt I know that there's a way to take screenshots in macOS using some keyboard voodoo that I can never remember, but I take a lot of screenshots every week - sometimes many hundreds - and SnagIt is a huge timesaver that streamlines the whole process.

This is one of those utilities I've been using for years, and it's never let me down. But how do you know your connection is secure? F-Secure Caption by: And best of all, it's free! VLC Caption by: TG Pro Apple is pretty good at keeping Macs running cool even when they are under heavy loads, but when I'm pushing my hardware hard I like to keep it a little cooler than the limits Apple's engineers have built into the system.

Bartender 3 I have a lot of apps installed, and that means I have a lot of icons cluttering up my menu bar. Parallels Toolbox 2.

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Here are just some of the features it offers: Amphetamine Amphetamine is a little app that lives in your menu bar. DiskWarrior 5 Here's one of those utilities for those days that just go from bad to worse. If you're serious about your Mac and the data that's on it, this is the tool for you. Alasoft Caption by: ForkLift 3 Finder is good, but ForkLift 3 is better. It is packed with awesome features such as: The Unarchiver While the tool built into macOS can do a reasonable job with some compressed file archives, The Unarchiver has you covered no matter what crazy file format you have to deal with.

It can also extract files from some Windows. EXE files. Awesome tool that I use regularly! Mountain If you juggle a lot of volumes on your Mac then Mountain is the tool for you. This is an absolute must-have app. Appgineers Caption by: My Profile Log Out. If you need a simple distraction-free writing environment for free, FocusWriter is the app for you. Looking for something a little more capable?

The Best Word Processor You've Never Used Be it a school paper or a blog post, all of us at some point find ourselves in the position of having to dump a bunch of characters into a text file. While cell phone Among the key features is auto-markdown support, syncing over iCloud and support for importing Word documents. Ulysses prides itself on two things: LibreOffice might just do the job.

A few staff members at MakeUseOf swear by Scrivener, the cross-platform and highly capable written project manager Scrivener: The Best Writing Program for the Mac and PC Scrivener has been around since , and it is a favorite application amongst novelists and screenwriters.

Scrivener is not a desktop layout application like Word and Pages, but it helps you organize and export your Make Better Use Of Scrivener When it comes to getting a research paper, ebook or novel completed, Scrivener can help you stay organized and motivated — that is, if you know how to use some of its best features. It's not always a story in need of an audience, sometimes a story just needs to be told.

You may want to continue the journal you started when you It syncs over iCloud or Dropbox with your iOS devices, allowing you to update your journal regardless of where you are.

Best Mac apps: the best macOS apps for your Apple computer

How iWork Works: The Basics of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Have you always dismissed Apple's productivity apps as unsuitable for your office needs? It's time to reconsider! Though BTT can be used by any BetterTouchTool and the Leap Motion controller can power-up your workflow with dozens of mouseless shortcuts. Read More to perform. Well, now you can! Since version 2, the This is where the award-winning productivity Mac application, Alfred comes in.

Check out some of the more advanced ways you can put it to use 6 Amazing Alfred Workflows to Make You More Productive 6 Amazing Alfred Workflows to Make You More Productive Now that users and developers are able to extend Alfred's capabilities by adding their own workflows, calling it an 'application launcher' seems a bit limiting. If you could save yourself even a small fraction of the time you spend typing, you could save hours of your time every week.

That's exactly what text expansion is for.

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Applications like Keyboard Maestro, Hazel, and TextExpander can speed up your workflow and save you lots of clicking, copying, pasting and There might be a better way. The service syncs with iOS devices and other Macs, so you have access to your credentials wherever you go. If you primarily use Apple products, why not use the company's own password manager completely free of charge?

Run Windows Apps on your Mac WITHOUT BOOTCAMP! (2019)

Read More that stores and generates passwords and other sensitive information. Read More ; this free password manager stores your sensitive information in an easy to use if a little barebones package. System cleaning tools and utility suites aren't just for Windows PCs. But what do these tools do, exactly? And should you use them? It allows you to block traffic on a per-app basis, but beyond that there's not a lot of configuration Browse securely, access region-locked video and other blocked material using Hotspot Shield.

The free plan allows for a limited number of reports to be generated at a set period, including capturing images using the webcam and uploading desktop screenshots, among others. Avoid Mac Malware: Here are five ways you can get your computer dirty. If you're a Mac user, and Apple's default unzip tool is struggling to open an archived file, it's time to install the ultimate tool for the Read More including.

Peek Inside. ZIP files on his Mac without them automatically extracting, so it was time to find a solution. Use Geektool or Nerdtool separate projects to display various information, terminal commands, images, text documents and more on your desktop. You need GeekTool. Disk Wave is a free Mac app that scans your drive and shows you where the biggest files are. Read More with DiskWave, a must-have for most Mac owners — but particularly those with limited solid state drives.

Mac menu bar looking a little messy? And How to Fix It When Apple released the MacBook Pro with Retina display this time last year, they raised the bar for laptop display technology, as they previously did for the smartphone and tablet industries. The only issue they Read More , which no longer works on modern versions of macOS. If you need to get rid of it, you need AppCleaner. Guess what? You can! Most users ignore it, and not many developers are building things for it. Replace all of your Mac's Dashboard widgets using the new Today view in Yosemite.

Here's how it works. Here are our Mac favorites. It's called Duet. Duet Display lets you do this better than any network-based alternative ever has with virtually no lag.