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  2. Skype Codes Emoji Full List :) :( :d 8-)
  3. Add a bit of fun to your Skype conversations
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With this update Skype added completly new designed emoticons. The new emoticons went from 19x19px to a 20x20px body. So the guys, who have designed them have bigger space to improve the eyes and some other things. List of New Skype Emoticons You will also found 7 complete new emoticon additions, in this version and you can only use them in Skype 5. Emote: faceplam facepalm Emote: fingercrossed fingercrossed Emote: waiting waiting Emote: highfive highfive Emote: lalala lalala Emote: working from home wfh Emote: tumbleweed tumbleweed.

Skype Codes Emoji Full List :) :( :d 8-)

Emote: what the fuck wtf. Just wondering if I can add my own animations I know, doing something wrong : any hint? I have a similar problem.

My son, using a slightly earlier rev, sees them animated in -- I believe -- both 1 the pop-up menu and 2 in the IM body before he sends it to me. What have I cleverly disabled, sometime ago in the mists of time?

How to get Secret Emoticons on Skype (Link of Secret Emoticons in Description)

No those are not secret codes.. Edited on Feb 01, '10 PM by ros4world. Ya it was a nice try dude, If u have a Xcode then u can open that file with Xcode Rather than open in Textedit and change hidden Emoticons.

Add a bit of fun to your Skype conversations

Actually u have to change the both of files in those two. SkypeEmoticonset Emoticons.

Open those files that have. Hello, Thank you for your post, it has helped me a few times already I always forget how to do it so I come back here :- The problem is that since I installed Skype 5 on my new iMac running OS Anyone has the same problem?

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If I remove this skype does not open, anyone got any hints as to how to do it? Lost your password? Powered by the Parse.