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Native Instruments Elektrik Piano
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All instruments have been carefully redesigned, reproducing the dynamic feel of the original keyboards to the fullest extent. Authentic Instruments presets can also be imparted with even greater level of depth and warmth, thanks to the brand new impulse-response room and cabinet simulations.

Native Instruments Elektrik Piano VST: Drew Krag's Favorite Software Synthesizer

Additionally, instrument presets with different tremolo amount settings can be combined in a single performance. The E7 instruments now include a mod-wheel controllable Wah-Wah effect, a Sound knob which will switch through 10 different sound settings and a sustain pedal emulating the E7 s characteristic damper mechanism. More Realism Also new in version 1.

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Forgot your username? Create an account. We on Facebook. Related news items: Native Instruments - The Giant v1. Thirteen ground - breaking synthesizers, samplers, emulations, effects, and a virtual guitar studio tuurn computer-based set-ups into truly comprehensive, professional production suites.

Native Instruments Elektrik Piano | Vintage Synth Explorer

NI Komplete 3 means unlimited creative freedom in all situations:live performances, music production, instrument, and sound design. From futuristic synths to rhythmic mayhem, vintage sounds to ambient layers and completely unique, alien soundscapes - ABSYNTH 3 seduces with sublime sounds.

The possibilities offered by its semi-modular architecture and powerful, unique features stretch well beyond the boundaries of existing synthesizers, creating an extremely diverse spectrum of amazing sounds. The clearly structured user-interface and innovative features turns the sound design process into a creative and enjoyable musical journey. Let your imagination be heard.

With a streamlined design for fast and intuitive control, generate perfect drums and percussion every time. PRO Inspired by the immortal sound of the synthesizer giants of the eighties, Native Instruments created the PRO to cast in software those qualities that have been such a major influence on popular music in the past twenty years: brilliance, power, warmth and beauty. Through Native Instruments' creative development philosophy, these timeless aesthetics have now reached the next step in their evolution. The result is the manifest re-definition of an original that was regarded as unrivalled until now.

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The PRO is able to import Prophet-5 SysEx sound data, which means it can read and accurately reproduce all the existing sound libraries made for the original. The subtle deviations from perfect behaviour, which are typical of analog circuits and crucial to the sound, can now be fine-tuned. The factory library contains hundreds of detailed and convincing pianos, basses, loops, drums, guitars, strings, and more from the outstanding East West and Zero-G libraries.

Akoustik Piano

B4 The B3 has a distinctive sound you feel you can grab on to; the B4 VST plug-in from Native Instruments reproduces that physical sound with a breath-taking degree of accuracy and realism. All the subtlety and range is here.


The sound so real you can practically hear the engines humming and chugging away inside! The B4 plug-in gives you 91 tonewheels, a rotary speaker, and the ability to adjust and manipulate the instrument's controls to get all the tonal variations musicians look for in the B3.