Running windows server 2003 on mac mini

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  1. Opinion: Leopard Server vs. Windows Server
  2. Inside Apple's new Mac mini Server

Opinion: Leopard Server vs. Windows Server

Recently, the computer I was using as my server started having some overheating problems. The good news is that the machine shut down before harming components, but with that machine running my domain controller I needed it running in order to get work done and to waste time surfing the Internet. The server was in a largish closet so I moved it to my office in the hopes that it would limp along.

That kept it running, but the noise was atrocious! Its one thing to have a little white noise from a computer but it this was like sitting next to a jet engine with afterburners screaming. My initial thought was to purchase another generic server box and stuff it into the closet.

Inside Apple's new Mac mini Server

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The $20 Mac Mini - Upgraded + Running Unsupported Mac

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Using Legacy Boot results in multiple errors in Device Manager. Support for Windows 7 is limited: Some subsystems don't have Windows 7 drivers available.

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The eMMC embedded storage can be used for small-footprint operating systems, as typically used for thin-client, and light-embedded applications. Check your OS minimum requirements before trying to install an OS to this device. Discontinued Products. Show all Show less.

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