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Any professional software program is going to require a certain amount of investment of time from the user to properly learn it. The same is true of programs like Logos or Accordance; but in my experience, most of the people who want to say Accordance is more difficult to learn than Logos are people who are coming to Accordance after using Logos. Regardless of whom I work for, I have a significant personal investment in the software from both companies, so I believe that I can speak to this with some level of experience.

Consider, for example, the interfaces of both programs. Beginning with Logos 4 and continuing today with Logos 6, the company now called Faithlife made the decision to remove the traditional menu system that had been present in previous versions note that the Mac interface requires menus, but the menus in the Mac port of Logos, a Mono-translated implementation of a. Net Windows application, does not significantly add to the way the user interacts with the program. In Logos , if a user really wants to get to the more powerful features of the software, he or she will need to use the command line at the top of the application.

However, the Accordance user does not have to memorize any shortcuts or specific command syntaxes to really access the power of the software. If a user wanted to perform an advanced grammatical search in the Greek New Testament in Accordance, everything is accessible from the menu system. In Logos there is no real menu system.

Now compare the above with Accordance Training Seminars. Our free seminars cover the entire program in one day. If our software is more complex than Logos, why does Logos need three days to cover in two separate track levels, no less what we do in one? One more thing…you suggested that Accordance is expensive.

Let me point out a couple of differences between the cost of using both. This simply cannot be said for Logos. While they like to promote their software as free, when Logos 6 came out in October , it was only available for those who purchased a base package. It would still cost hundreds of dollars to upgrade to a v. When Accordance 11 was released, it did not matter what Collection the user had.

However, if you ever have opportunity to attend one of our free all-day training sessions, I highly encourage you to come join us. For me, it is the best Mac Bible software. It beats all of the above for price except Bible Glo , and probably beats them all in terms of speed. Certainly it beats Logos. I have tried Logos repeatedly with the hope that maybe there must be something I was missing. But I always come to the same conclusion — that it is clunky, difficult to learn, and slow.

The fact that Logos actually offers classes on how to use its software is all one needs to say. Logos remains, in my mind at least, as a badly ported piece of Windows software that is not intuitiive. One must pay a lot for Logos just to get the functionality of Greek and Hebrew defintions, while that is a standard one-click function for OLB. The standard set of commentaries that comes with OLB costs hundreds of dollars for the equivalent in Logos.

The one great fault of OLB is that it does not, alas, allow the user to add different and more modern commentaries. This is where supplemental software like Olive Tree comes in handy. OLB has also two other features that others lack: It is available in many more languages and interfaces by far than any other, and it has special misisonary pricing. Note also that OLB has, in effect, two Mac versions: The other is a native Mac version that works much more cleanly and is the one I use, although it does not have access to the Windows library of OLB material.

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Here are the two websites, followed by the App store link for the OLB mobile app: Incidentally, Online Bible was the first Bible software I ever owned, getting a stack of 5. Ultimately, Online Bible is seriously constrained. Most of the reference works to go with it are public domain. Does anyone actually -choose- to use Thayers lexicon, which is sorely out of date, over a more modern lexicon? There is no way to add the most current academic commentaries that incorporate the latest archaeological and linguistic findings.

Offerings pertaining to the Church Fathers and Reformers are very limited or non-existent. The omission of the latter is a really serious deficiency in my opinion. To gain access to the best titles for the Online Bible, you have to purchase a CD; but the last time I bought a computer that came with an optical drive was in This means no late-Saturday-night add-on purchases to find that final piece of information you need.

I have no doubt that Online Bible is of great benefit to many computer users, especially those on a limited budget. However, it simply does not have the resources and capabilities expected of Bible software in A slightly larger investment in even the lower base packages of the other platforms Kevin suggested would better serve students of the Bible who prefer to work with digitized texts.

Glad you mentioned Online Bible.

Dig deeper with the best Bible software for Mac.

Since I work a lot with German and Slavic languages and occasionally others , I love the various languages in Online — although it is difficult to get recent versions. But the price is great. But in the area of various languages Olive Tree is even better. And this is where Logos is non existent unless you go with the German version where you need to start from scratch and pay a huge amount of money.

5 Best Mac Bible Study Programs [Video]

I also started with the floppies for Online Bible. I retell the verse in question after comparing many renderings. Any suggestions? If the only thing that you are looking for is multiple translations, then any of the major Bible study programs will work. Almost all of them have a number of translations to choose from. For the most cost-effective option look at e-Sword. In that case take a look at Bibleworks.

It saves note files as RTF files easily editable in most word processors including Word. It is very flexible and easy to create your own modules as well as insert pictures into the modules. Just love the program!

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I can easily copy in comments from my books and commentaries. And you can make your own comments at will. Right now I have a mb illustrated Bible commentary module that syncs across my devices in Dropbox. And there is a large repository of free and paid modules out there. True, it is not as commercial as Logos, but my main interest is flexibility in Bible study, not reading books.

My goal is to diagram, comment and illustrate the whole Bible, and this program allows me to do so and to use it as a teaching tool at the same time. I had only tried 2 of programs in your list — Logos and Olive Tree. To be honest the Logos interface design look so bad and confusing. We assumed with this we would spend more time in understanding the scripture rather than sorting materials out and lay out them in front of us.

Complicated interface would only add unnecessary step to this process — so now instead of dig in directly into the Scripture we have to figure out how to operate the tools. I am sure there are ways to simplified things. My background is building economic models in computer that will be run through Monte Carlo simulation.

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PocketBible Bookstore for Mac OS X

Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Accordance Bible Software Long the standard for Bible study on a Mac, Accordance 11 from Accordance Bible Software offers a rich, powerful package with everything a user might need or even want in Bible software. Some of the best features we get with Accordance include: Enter a verse, paragraph, or chapter in the Passage Guide, and it brings back commentaries, cross-references, images, maps, handouts, topics, sermon helps, and more.

Dig into any passage's original languages. Enter a Scripture reference and the Exegetical Guide will break the passage down word by word in Greek or Hebrew.

Mark your books with notes and highlights, save your favorite passages and quotes with Clippings, and share your notes with Faithlife groups. Build sermons and write papers with ease! When you copy and paste from Logos, it automatically cites the source in your preferred format.