Mac os x keyboard shortcut em dash

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  2. Dash & the keyboard - Dash Hyphen
  3. 2. Use the Symbol option to bring up Character Viewer

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Linked 2. Related 2. To be sure you choose the right one, hover the mouse over each one before you click on it. When you click on the dash you want, it gets inserted directly into the file where the cursor is in your document. If you rarely use en and em dashes, this method is excellent. However, if you use them a lot, you can tell Docs to automatically format hyphens into en or em dashes.

Microsoft Word has a built-in function—AutoFormat—that automatically converts hyphens into en and em dashes when you type -- and , respectively. However, you can tell it to convert strings of characters into whatever you want, such as special characters like en and em dashes. The next time you need to insert a dash, just type either two or three hyphens for an en or em dash. Docs does the rest and automatically converts them without the Special Characters tool.

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Comments 0. All laptops have a row of numbers right below the function key row, just as desktop keyboards do, and usually Fn key doesn't need to be pressed. Also, NONE of your dashes are surrounded with spaces despite your stated preference to have them. I stated my preference, and the editors stated theirs by deleting my spaces. They're wrong, though.

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Please pass this to your editors: when a dash isn't surrounded by spaces, the dash appears to connect parts of a complex word, which isn't what you intended in your article. For example, "characters—especially", "dash—type", "keypad—search".

It is the hyphen that shouldn't have spaces around it in normal sentences, not dash. Please tell the editors that their preference makes it more difficult for the readers to consume the fruits of their editing labor. True, but the numbers on the keys surrounding and including the "I" key function the same as a number keypad when the number lock is active — at 3east 6n 0y 2eyb6ard. Maybe Mark wasn't at work that day?

Dash & the keyboard - Dash Hyphen

Thanks for the info - its something that bothers me too. Wish we could all decide on a style. Of course, lots of people just don't see a problem, and think hyphen is a naughty word. Yeah, that's embarrassing. Try as both I and Mark do to correct all grammatical mistakes some do slip through.

2. Use the Symbol option to bring up Character Viewer

As for dashes, I actually don't know what he thinks Just a note, your using en dashes improperly: en dashes are for number ranges, while em dashes are used to break up sentences. You should not be using en dashes to break up sentences. That's been a subject of controversy at every newspaper I've worked at. The AP stylebook doesn't distinguish between the em and the en dash, so it becomes an aesthetic choice.

I personally prefer an en dash surrounded by spaces, and Mark the editor here never corrects me. So that's what I do. Allchars, tiny program BIG time lifesaver I never tried it but it's an interesting idea. That is interesting. Like all password strategies, it would work well until everyone else does it. Rob Nightingale.

How to Create an Em Dash or Hyphen

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