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Eathtek Replacement 4 Piece Rubber Feet Set for MacBook Pro Mid 2010 13″ 15″ 17″ A1278 Series

This is the question the RAM Guy gets asked more than any other question. Q: First of all, what is CAS? A DRAM memory can be thought of as a matrix, kind of like a spreadsheet with memory cells instead of numbers and formulas. Like the spreadsheet, each cell has a row address and a column address like "AA57" or "R23C34" in the spreadsheet. Q: And, what do you mean by "latency"? A: Latency refers to the time that you are waiting to get what you need.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as "the interval between stimulus and response". Q: Now, how does CAS work?

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A: To understand this let's walk through a simplified version of how the memory controller actually reads the memory. First, the chip set accesses the ROW of the memory matrix by putting an address on the memory's address pins and activating the RAS signal. A: Bingo! A: There are a LOT of other factors in the memory performance.

Here are a few of the main ones: Sometimes you have to move to a different row in memory.

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  • iMac (late ) 16GB RAM upgrade question | MacRumors Forums.
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Other times, you do a "burst" read, when you pull in a lot of data in one big block. Also, don't forget the most important thing: processors have big caches! The cache is where the processor stores recently accessed instructions and data.

iMac (late ) 16GB RAM upgrade question | MacRumors Forums

The cache "hit rate", i. OK, OK, so what's the bottom line? So, the bottom line is, moving from CAS-5 to CAS-4 will offer a percentage performance increase in the low single digits for most applications. Programs which are known to be memory intensive you gamers might know of some This is the question 2 for the Ram Guy. Q: And, what is "Error Checking and Correction"? A: Error Checking and Correction refers to a technology which allows a computer system to operate even if a memory error occurs. A: In order to check and correct the memory, additional RAMs are required.

Obviously, the additional RAMs make the module more expensive. Q: So it's kind of like the old parity modules, right? The ECC technology used on most xarchitecture PCs and servers is capable of correcting errors, where parity can only detect errors. If you've ever had an error "detected" on your system, you know the result - the blue screen of DEATH! Really useful, huh With ECC you would sail right through, without crashing or even interrupting normal operation.

Much more useful! Absolutely, but we can? The first thing to check is to make sure each memory module is detected properly when installed individually in the system. If you only have detection problems when using more than a single module then you may need to make some adjustments to the settings in the BIOS. Overclocked memory modules often must be manually configured in your BIOS in order to achieve the overclocked settings.