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Run regular scans. And to ensure nothing is lurking behind the scenes that could cause problems, use a powerful malware scanning tool, such as CleanMyMac X that digs up and deletes thousands of threats.

Get your Mac running as good as new, free from adware, cookies and plugins that could drive annoying ads and popups your way. Firstly, for those that use Safari on macOS, you can disable popups and unwanted ads in the Security tab of Safari preferences. Each is a box you can tick, to ensure that Safari does all it can to prevent popups and any Fraudulent Website Warnings. These are ads that use phishing techniques to make you think you need to download something from Apple or other legitimate software companies.

We will outline ways to remove these nasty pieces of software further down this article. Another way to remove popups in Safari is to check Extensions.


How to Block Pop-ups on Safari

You should find this menu option in the same place, and should have the same option to remove any browser extensions that you don't want or need. You should recognize every extension, because at one point you would have had to agree to download and install Safari doesn't let it happen any other way ; malware and other viruses hide in other places across your Mac, so they are unlikely to appear with other browser extensions.

When you are browsing the web, and a popup appears, Apple recommends going to a new browser tab and closing the original.

Interacting with a popup could cause you to click through to it or accidentally download malicious software. Always make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of Chrome. Security updates prevent some of the latest viruses and cyber threats, making it always worthwhile to click "yes" to an update. Now everything that was causing popups and unwanted ads to appear, including software that uses phishing tactics and browser extensions that are a cover for malware, should be removed.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox. Preventing the latest cyber threats is one of the main reasons software companies insist on so many updates. You can change the currently open website to Block and Notify , Block , or Allow pop-up windows.

How to remove Mackeeper popup from Mac browsers like Safari and Chrome

Click the menu in the lower right-hand corner of the window to do the same when visiting other websites. In previous macOS versions, you would need to click on Preferences, then the Windows tab.

Need a hand? We've got you covered.

Then check the box next to the option called Block pop-up windows. If this check box is already selected, then Safari's integrated pop-up blocker is currently enabled. In that section is an option called Block Pop-ups. Tap the button to the right to toggle the option on.

Discover powerful Safari Extensions now available in the Mac App Store.

It will turn green to indicate that Safari is blocking pop-ups. Although most pop-up windows consist of advertising or worse, some websites still use them for specific, legitimate purposes.

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For example, some WordPress-powered sites will launch a file-upload dialog box in a pop-up window, and some banking websites will display facts like check images in pop-ups. Remember Me? Results 1 to 5 of 5.

Apple - Safari - Safari Extensions Gallery

Best Popup Blocker? I'm not sure if these are to deal with pop up ads but it sure doesn't block all of the pop ups.

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Is there any extensions or configurations that will block ALL pop ups? Until recently, even Firefox add-ons extensions are not fool-proof. It's like pop ups got smarter than the applications recently.